Are you an Entrepreneur looking for fund to run your new or existing business and you know how much funding assistance you need, and what it will be used for, it is time to get connected with investors.

It’s scary looking for investors to fund your business but VirtualPreneurNG is your plug to get people that might be interested in funding your business.

We have made it easier for everyone you need not look for investors by yourself as we’ve already done that because you may need to speak to hundreds of investors before you find the right one that will be interested in funding your business.

You don’t have to look or talk to any investors all you need to do is fill the assessment form below and we will submit it to our investors that might be interested in what you do.

If your business plan is accepted then we come in as the intermediary, we collect the fund on your behalf provided our team have been able to verify your business for funding.

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