How to Earn N200 or more daily just adding WhatsApp Contacts

Helping you to earn virtually as a virtualpreneur and to guide you to how its done is our duty and in this post, we will do that with all pleasure. Many want to know how they can earn from WhatsApp. Yes, it is very possible to make money from WhatsApp and earn awesomely.

Every day from morning to night WhatsApp and other Social media platforms have become a way of life in present times. It is now a day to day thing and most times it is hard to live daily without the presence of these platforms. Most people today on WhatsApp and other social media platforms will check notifications on their subscribed social media platforms first thing in the morning and keeps doing this at regular intervals throughout the day till they sleep in the night.

WhatsApp user engagement has escalated over time and its high time to monetize your presence on WhatsApp. If you are interested in earning money without any investment online then this is the way to achieve that goal through Whatsapp.

Stop using WhatsApp every day only to chat with your friends, view status, have fun and keep yourself updated because You can now make money using WhatsApp. Surprised? Yes, it’s True through VirtualPrenuerNG WhatsApp Rewards!

You can start earning from N2 to N200 on each of your WhatsApp contacts today by following the steps below

STEP 1: Create a FREE WhatsApp account if you don’t have one before

STEP 2: Create a FREE account on VirtualPreneurNG.

*Please don’t forget to ask for the sponsor number from the person that send you the link of this page and input it on the registration form as your sponsor or else your account won’t earn from the VirtualPreneurNG WhatsApp Rewards

STEP 3: Upgrade your VirtualPreneurNG Account to Agent or Reseller

*You can leave your account at the user level and use your earnings to upgrade

STEP 4: Create a WhatsApp group with name VirtualPrenuerNG and the name of your city or town. e.g. (VIRTUALPRENEURNG LAGOS)

STEP 5: Add +2348188539940 to the WhatsApp group as an admin

STEP 6: Start sharing your group invite link and you can also add people manually to your group and be earning N2 on each WhatsApp contacts you add to your group or that join through the group invitation link.

STEP 7: When any of your group members upgrade to VirtualPreneurNG Reseller or Agent you will earn N200 per head.

Terms and Conditions for VirtualPreneurNG Whatsapp Rewards

  1. All earnings will be stored in VirtualPreneurNG wallet and can be used to purchase airtime, data, cable TV subscription or other services available on VirtualPreneurNG VTU Platform at discount rate.
  2. Minimum VirtualPreneurNG WhatsApp Rewards to be transferred to your VirtualPreneurNG Wallet earning is N1,000 this means you won’t be able to access your earnings until you have earned upto N1,000.
  3. Funds in VirtualPreneurNG wallet can be transferred to other users.
  4. You can also fund your wallet to purchase airtime, data, cable TV subscription or other services available on VirtualPreneurNG VTU Platform at discount rate but the minimum wallet funding through credit card is N500 and N1,000 via bank transfer or cash deposit.
  5. One time upgrade fee N1,000 will be deducted automatically from the earnings of all unupgraded account.
  6. Minimum Cash out from VirtualPreneurNG Wallet to local bank account is N5,000 and it attracts 5% withdrawal charges.
  7. Multiple WhatsApp groups is allowed but duplication of members attracts a penalty of account termination.
  8. You can upgrade from user to any of the levels available on the platform anytime with fund in your wallet or through card payment or bank payment, there are three levels and discount prices ranging from User, Reseller and Agent Level.
  9. VirtualPreneurNG has the right to discontinue this Whatsapp Reward Program.

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