You can become a VirtualPreneurNG Agent, as an agent you gets the following benefits below with a one-time payment of five thousand naira only N5,000 (N1,000 upgrade fee + N4,000 business kit).

  • Get 20% Bonus on all Direct Referrals.
  • Get 2.2% to 3% discount on airtime Virtual Top Up.
  • Bulk recharge to top up multiple phone numbers at the same time.
  • Instant data top up for MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel
  • Cheap bulk SMS with same charge for all networks.
  • Pay N15 fee on instant bill payments (DStv/Gotv/Startimes) instead of N50 or N100.
  • Get business kit of customized Business Placard with Pricing and Discount catalogue to easily expand your business bewteen three to five working days after payment.
  • Get VTU APIs which you can integrate to your website or mobile app.


VirtualPreneurNG Agent Purchase at Discount/Prices  and also earn REFERRAL BONUS up to 10th Generation to maximize your profit earnings
There are two types of referral bonus
Direct Referral Bonus
Referral Bonus is 20% of N1,000.
Indirect Referral Bonus
Indirect Referral Bonus is 5% from Level 2 to Level 10. 
Indirect down lines are people referred by your direct downlines, down to 10th level.
2nd level : 5% 
3rd level : 5% 
4th level : 5% 
5th level : 5% 
6th level : 5% 
7th level : 5% 
8th level : 5% 
9th level : 5% 
10th level : 5%
You referred Paul (you earn 20%)
Paul referred James (you earn 5%) 
James referred Jane (you earn 5%) 
Jane referred Peter (you earn 5%) 
Peter referred Frank (you earn 5%
Frank referred Jack (you earn 5%) 
Jack referred Janet (you earn 5%) 
Janet referred Peterson (you earn 5%) 
Peterson referred Francis (you earn 5%) 
Francis referred Charles (you earn 5%) 

See the Price/Discounts for VirtualpreneurNG Agent in the image below

VirtualpreneurNG Agent Discount/Prices

To become a VirtualPreneurNG Agent all you need to do is click Become VirtualPreneurNG Agent Now

Please note that shipping cost applies for the business kit

NB  The business kit is optional, you may chose to exchange your kit for N2,000 welcome balance in your wallet after setup  

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